Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I spent a few days experimenting with some different ideas.
Different surface, looser style and set myself a time limit.
This is just one of the pieces I did, "Forever Summer"
I saw this little girl on the beach last summer,
lost in her own world, she wandered around the beach
eating her ice cream and watching all the other children.
She has been the subject of a few paintings!!

This month I have some more ideas I want to work on.
I'm trying to get a looser feel to my work and the
inspirational painting on the studio wall is this piece
"Woman at the Window" by Edgar Degas.
Although known for his pastel work this painting
was done in oil. Everything is captured with a few
well placed brushstrokes and it says everything!!!
So "watch this space".
I will mix these in with the artwork I usually do
but it's great to try different things, maybe even
be using oil paints as well!!!

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