Friday, April 24, 2009

I've been converted!!

No I haven't got religion!!
I've been painting with acrylics!! Yes me!!
I've always said I'd never use them but I saw
an article in "Paint" magazine and fancied having ago.
And Yes!! I am now a convert!!
You can't see from this image but I've used modelling paste
to create texture on the rocks.
If you go to my website,
On The Easel page gives a blow by blow account!!
I'm already painting another, not least because I have
loads of this sort of reference from my years in Devon.
Onward and upward!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

It may take a while!

But I got there in the end...
This was the piece I started on 14th March at the demo with Toni.
I've only managed to get back to it this week as I've been working
on commissions and other stuff.
Some of it really tedious like doing my books for the year end, yawn!!
So I was really glad to get back to the easel, though it took a bit of
time getting back in to this piece as it had been such a loooong break.
Still tis done!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

This Techno Stuff is a Doddle!!

Well that's what I think now I've got the hang of it!!
I've now managed to upload all my available artwork to a web album.
It also shows a map with their locations.
But I can't really take the credit cos it's all down to those clever
people at Google who make all these things available.
And actually quite easy to use.
Must get back to the easel tomorrow though!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Finally Did It!!

What? You may ask!
Managed to upload a slideshow to my blog. Yay!!
It's only taken me a couple of months to work it out.
They need changing as they are a bit out of date now.
Oh b*****, another job to do!!

Panic setting in now!!

Where has this week gone?
It's been a week full of paperwork and computers, horrible!!
Can't wait to get back to my easel next week.
I know we all have to do the dreaded bookwork,
well not if you can afford to pay someone else I suppose,
but it just takes so long and it gives me a headache!!
And the worst part is it's so the taxman can help himself to
my money, my hard earned money.
OK done ranting now!!