Friday, January 20, 2012

Prince Comes Home!!

or how to try and capture a moving Billy Whizz!!

Meet Prince the Patterdale terrier, what a bundle of energy!!
I first met Prince in July as his owners wanted a portrait of him,
so I went along armed with the camera to try and capture him on film!!
Ha! Talk about moving pictures!!!

At this stage we were trying to tire him out see if he would
then calm down and "play ball" so to speak

After about an hour and over 100 photo's later, I looked through what
I'd got and decided that there was nothing that captured him in just the right way!!
So in September, when Prince was now a little bit older, and calmer,
I went back again to re-shoot. Margaret, his mum, had spent a lot of time with him
and he would now sit and stay and even lie down, albeit,
with a little bribery in the shape of cheese!!
Margaret & Tom chose the photo they wanted to use and so
I began the process of capturing Prince for posterity!!

This is the finished picture
and isn't he a handsome chap!!

I delivered the framed picture to
Margaret & Tom this week and,
of course, Prince got in on the act!!

The happy owners of Prince!!