Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Go! Wildlife! Go!

In the jungle the mighty jungle.....
Though it's no longer a "fashionable" genre I still
resolutely refuse to stop painting my wildlife pictures.
If seascapes are my bread and butter then
wildlife is the icing on my cake. I do think there is a
slight resurgence and I've just sold a piece at the
National Exhibition of Wildlife Art.
I've also sold a few wildlife images recently through my
local,and very supportive, gallery Hepplestone Fine Art.
This piece, entitled "Apparition" is currently available from them.


  1. I hope you're right. Wildlife is my first love too.

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  3. I bought this amazing piece today and I am so thrilled with it. Wendy, you are in the elite of the worlds wildlife artists.

  4. Thanks Ian. I've also sent you a message via facebook as you were kind enough to email me as well. I'm so pleased he's found a home with someone who will truly appreciate him.